Monday, February 27, 2017

Technology Presentation: Swivl

Image taken by Patick Donovan.
Have you ever wanted to observe yourself teaching or hear a small group's discussion after class?

Swivl is a tool to record and observe students using an iPad or iPhone, and it also records sound using the microphone on the tool itself

The teachers I sat with said they use this tool to record themselves in order to self-evaluate and record student presentations like poetry slams.

Here's how to upload and edit the Swivl video in YouTube:
1. Log into YouTube channel
2. Export to YouTube
3. Set as private
4. Go to picture in top right corner > Creator Studio > Create > Video Editor
5. Edit however you'd like. Zoom in to clips with bottom right magnifying glass, cut clips with blue scissors on line, or add text for title
6. When done, click "Create Video"
7. To rename your edited video, go to My Channel > Video Manager. You can set your video as private, public or unlisted.

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